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Meditech services lower the healthcare cost by providing cost effective way of Medical Transcription solution. Meditech does this by not only increasing productivity but also by reducing equipment, manpower, and infrastructure costs of its clients. In addition to this, there are some indirect savings such as No Office Space Overhead, Minimal Management Expenses, and Improved Concentration on Core Business.

Benefits: Medical Transcription Services.
Benefits: Medical Record Sorting Services.
Benefits :   Medical Transcription Services.
Quality: The accuracy of the work is guaranteed in all specialties of files.  Our key edge is that our editing group includes medical doctors to double
  check medical terminology, appropriateness of terms used, and consistency. These measures ensure the quality of our work.
Availability : We work round-the-clock 24 X 7 X 365.

Turnaround time : We manage TAT as per our clients’ requirement.

For STAT and emergency files, we provide TAT 2 to 6 hours.
On normal TAT, we send transcribed files by next business day.
COST: Cost depends upon the requirement of TAT.
Sign up Now and Get Guaranteed Discount on Your Current Transcription Cost at least 40-50%.
Free Trial : We offer a Free Non-Obligation Trial of 6 days or 1000 lines, whatever is earlier. It helps you to evaluate our TAT and Quality of work.
Excellent Customer Support : We believe in better customer relations and provide best customer service in the industry. Meditech offers 24 x 7
  support by Phone, E-mail, AOL or Yahoo Instant Messenger. All your E-mail queries will be answered within 60 minutes.
Flexible & Customizable : We work very closely with our clients and provide customized solutions that suit their needs.
Hospital Work : We are specialized in transcribing each type of reports from all specialties.
Platform : We are able to do work in any transcription platform.
HIPAA Compliant : We keep all the information fully confidential, secure and are HIPAA compliant.
Reduce Backlog : We can also help you in reducing your short-term backlogs.
References : We can provide you the references, if required.
Immediate Setup : Call or sign up now and we will set up your complete account within one business day.
Benefits: Medical Record Sorting Service.
Fast turnaround of work.
We work round the clock. 24 X 7 X 365.
Save 40-50% on your current Sorting cost.


Sign up Now and Get Guaranteed Discount on Your Current Medical Record Sorting Cost at least 40-50%.

Thorough inspection of all work before it is returned.
Missing records, discrepancies and notable entries relating to the case are recorded.
Qualified and Experienced Staff.
Additional scanning and FTP services to reduce cost and storage.
Provides accurate transcription of handwritten documents.
Utilizes proven processes and quality control measures to eliminate typographical errors.
Provides patients' document summaries presented in a pre-determined template including biographical and personal information, clinical abstract,
  history of injury or illness, evaluation of reports, medications, etc.

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