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  Electronic Sorting & Categorizing of Medical Records

Our specialist staff will receive your unsorted medical notes and return to you an organized form of records.  Our team is comprised of qualified medical staff with over 16 years of experience across wide range of medical fields, thereby ensuring that medical records are processed accurately and efficiently. These services save our clients' time and money.

MEDITECH understands the importance of organized medical records, and hence provides high-level of medical records indexing, categorizing and sorting services.

Unless otherwise instructed, we follow a standard process to sort and collate medical records in date order.

Sorting & Categorizing.
Indexing & Pagination.
Medical Records Summary.
Sorting & Categorizing:
  First accurately captures the medical records’ document types, providers, dates and other customized data fields.
  Arranges and categorizes electronic medical records into sections and subsections. GP records have a section of their own.
  Chronologically sorts documents according to provider's requirement and date range within section.
  Deletes duplicate multiple records.
  Accommodates client’s requests on customized sorting orders.

Other on-demand features :

Provides separate duplicate records upon request.
Delivers PDF final output with Tab sheets.
Indexing & Pagination:

Once the records have been professionally sorted, they are paginated.
We paginate the medical records to meet standard legal requirements. Page numbering starts from “Page 1” and continuously increases throughout the entire medical file.

Page numbers are referenced in the Indexing and Summarizing functions and used for embedding Hyperlinks.

Once the medical records are sorted and paginated, we create the index.

Upon completion of these steps, MEDITECH’S goal is to deliver Indexes and Bookmarks that are thorough, easy to navigate and extremely cost effective.

Example of the organized records
Document Type Provider Date Range Page Range  
CLAIM LOG Case Notes 04/17/11-12/12/11 1-66  
PROGRESS NOTES St. Memorial Hospital 04/08/10-04/20/11 67-84  
PROGRESS NOTES Kraus 01/12/11-06/15/11 85-168  
FILE REVIEWS LeForce 09/26/11 169-175 Neurology
X-RAYS St. Memorial Hospital 03/09/11-04/20/11 176-177  
CT Lincoln Health Center 03/01/12 178-179  
LAB Unknown Provider 03/12/12 180-194  
JOB   08/01/05-04/29/10 195-212  
ROI   12/12/11-05/17/12 213-215
Hyperlinked Medical Records  

MEDITECH provides easy navigation within the organized electronic medical records to save reviewers’ time.

Hyperlinked medical records are created to help reviewers instantly locate and access the required documents.
On demand, our hyperlink service goes hand-in-hand with our Summary Services and Electronic Sorting and Categorizing of Medical Record Services.
Medical Records Summary
We offer our services to Medico-Legal organizations to assist them in interpreting and summarizing their clients’ medical records.
Arranges medical records in chronological order for easy visualization of treatment timeframe.
Organizes medical records summary significantly to decrease review time by approximately 25% to 40%.
Provides an easy and simplified review process for legal experts.
Customizes and designs processes to suit the clients’ needs and expectations.


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